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Aye Fyne! Is a growing group of people up and down Loch Fyne, not linked to any political party, just a group of Scottish Independence Supporters getting together to talk, arrange events and help reconnect and re-energise the original Yes Movement.

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Events they are hosting and meetings planned will be added to our calendar.

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BEAR & Transport Scotland To Take Immediate Action To Repair A83

Argyll and Bute MSP Michael Russell has welcomed a commitment by Transport Scotland and BEAR Scotland, its operating company for the NW Trunk Roads, to take “immediate action” to repair sections of the road that have deteriorated very badly this winter.

Mr Russell has been making representations to Transport Scotland and the Transport Minister for several weeks following a sharp increase in complaints about the road. Sections around Inveraray, near Inverniel and at Arrochar are baldly potholed and regular road users have reported a growing number of incidents of burst tyres and damage to suspension.

Mr Russell commented: “As a regular user of the road myself I too have noticed a massive increase in potholes and places where the surface appears to be breaking up. Just after new year I drove to Inveraray and was horrified at the state of the carriage way at Strone Point where major roadworks are underway. I have also noticed similar severe problems coming into Arrochar and have information and pictures from other road users elsewhere on the route.

The A83 is the main artery for much of Argyll. For some weeks I have been making strong representations to Transport Scotland and to BEAR, alongside Cllr Dougie Philand as well as keeping the Transport Minister informed.

I have now held a telephone conference with senior management at the companies and been assured of immediate action, first of all to tackle the worst of the potholes with more regular inspections and emergency follow up work for the worst incidents followed by a repair programme, replacing sections of surface where necessary. There will also be improved signage and an information campaign.

I will be holding the company to these commitments and Transport Scotland has agreed to provide me and Cllr Philand with a weekly update. I will also continue to ensure that complaints are attended to with urgency.

I am grateful to all those who have used social media and other means to draw attention to this unacceptable state of affairs and I am glad that their concerns have now been listened to. I would urge road users to continue to monitor the situation and to ensure that the promises are kept.

Special Members Event Featuring Jeane Freeman MSP

Argyll and Bute Constituency Association invites all members in the constituency and council area to a special members event featuring Jeane Freeman MSP.

Jeane is responsible for delivering the biggest set of new powers for the Scottish Parliament since Devolution.

Jeane Freeman, SNP, Members Meeting 4 Feb 2018
Members Meeting

Her political journey from special adviser to labour First Minister Jack McConnell to SNP MSP and Minister has been well documented, as is her direct no-nonsense style!
Now local members can meet Jeane, hear what the Scottish Government is doing to support those who need the most help, and question her about politics, benefits and a range of other subjects.
Jeane will then join us in discussing the achievements of the Scottish Government and how to argue a stronger case for independence – both topics that were asked for at the recent workshop in Inverarary.
Branch CA Delegates are notified of a brief monthly CA meeting at 12:30. As always all members are welcome to attend.

The meeting will be held on Sunday February 4th


Tarbert Templars Hall 1:30 PM

TALC Harbour Street PA29 6UD Tarbert, Argyll

CA Meeting at 12:30pm

SNP Government doing ‘far better than Westminster’ on child health

DOCTORS have praised the Scottish Government for doing “far better than Westminster” on child health policies such as breastfeeding and tackling childhood obesity, but warned that urgent action is still needed in areas such as GP training and reviewing child deaths.

A report by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health scored Scotland, England and Wales on their performance against a series of key recommendations a year on from a landmark report by the professional body.

Full Story on The Herald

DOCTORS have praised the Scottish Government for doing “far better than Westminster” on child health policies such as breastfeeding and…

Source: SNP Government doing ‘far better than Westminster’ on child health

UK Defence Capability ‘Hollow Force’ After Years Of Endless Tory Cuts

SNP Defence spokesperson Stewart McDonald MP has said that trails of a speech to be made by Chief of the Defence Staff Sir Nick Carter, are ‘deeply worrying’ and add more weight to the argument that the UK’s defence capability is now a ‘hollow force’.

According to excerpts from his speech, Sir Nick Carter will say: “Our ability to pre-empt or respond to threats will be eroded if we don’t keep up with our adversaries.” He is making an unusual and rare intervention to the public debate amid concerns about endless defence cuts.

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Argyll and Bute celebrates Year of Young People

Argyll and Bute Council’s Youth Services Team has created a calendar full of activities and events to celebrate some of the reasons young people love living and growing up in Argyll and Bute, and to coincide with 2018 being the Scottish Government’s Year of Young People.


A consultation was carried out with 1,055 young people across the area, where they were given the opportunity to choose the top ten reasons they like Argyll and Bute.


The results were:

1 Safety;

2 Outdoors;

3 Easy to stay in touch;

4 Nature;

5 Quiet and peaceful;

6 Beautiful;

7 Freedom;

8 Sport/recreation;

9 Opportunities;

10 Easy to get involved.

An exciting programme of events was then developed with these in mind and includes a dance show, a photography project, a comedy and confidence workshop, a film festival, and lots more.


The events also coincide with the six key themes of the Year of Young People, which are: Culture, health and wellbeing, equality and discrimination, enterprise and regeneration, participation, and education.


The Council’s Policy Lead for Education  said; “The Year of Young People aims to inspire Scotland through its young people, celebrating their achievements, valuing the contribution they make to their communities, and creating new opportunities for them to shine locally, nationally and globally.


“Here in Argyll and Bute we have young people to be proud of – young people who are great ambassadors for the area, and who work hard to make Argyll and Bute the wonderful place it is.


“It is fantastic that we will be hosting a whole range of events to celebrate them, their achievements, and why Argyll and Bute is great place to live, work and learn.”


The Year of Young People Plan for Argyll and Bute will be officially launched at the Argyll and Bute Awards in Helensburgh on 31 January 2018.

full list of events in Argyll and Bute,

A&E Waiting Times Improve In Scotland

Health Secretary Shona Robison has thanked staff in A&E departments across Scotland as winter pressures continue to impact on services.

The number of people seen within four hours at A&E departments across Scotland increased in the second week of January, despite increases in flu-like illnesses and patients with significant and complex care being admitted.

NHS Scotland, Waiting Times, NHS Crisis
Waiting Times Improving

Ms Robison said:

“Our A&E departments are continuing to be impacted by the pressures and demand of winter, so these improving statistics are a really significant achievement.

“Flu rates in Scotland are currently almost five times higher than the same period last year and hospitals are reporting a high number of people with already-significant care needs contracting flu, which is increasing demand even further.

“We still have a few months of winter left and there’s no doubt we’ve still got some challenging weeks ahead, particularly with the bad weather we’re experiencing, but I’d like to say than you once again to health staff right across Scotland for their continued dedication and hard work.”

Clinicians are encouraging those in eligible groups to protect themselves and their families by getting the vaccine. The current predominant strain is still is covered by this year’s flu vaccine.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr Gregor Smith, said:

“The volume of flu cases and already-ill patients contracting flu-like illness is continuing to put strain on systems and it is crucial that patients with complex care needs and flu receive the right care, not simply the fastest.

“I would continue to encourage anyone in an eligible group to get vaccinated – it is the best defence against flu.”


The percentage of people seen and subsequently admitted, transferred or discharged within 4 hours for the week ending 14th January was 85.8%

Health Secretary thanks staff but highlights continuing winter pressures.

Theresa May Should Sack Tory MP Ben Bradley


Ben Bradley, the newly appointed Tory vice-chairman, found himself in a spot of bother this past week as a series of right-wing blog posts he had written before becoming a MP resurfaced.

They are pretty damn shocking.

Rising star Ben Bradley, appointed to help the party appeal to young voters, made the comment in a now-deleted blog post. He has since apologised after being approached by BuzzFeed News.

Source: This New Tory Party Vice Chair Suggested Unemployed People Should Have Vasectomies

The shameful blogs include articles written in support of deep Tory cuts to tax credits and social security, where he said low-income families should have vasectomies to prevent them having children and said the UK would soon be “drowning in a vast sea of unemployed wasters”.

He also criticised our public sector workers, including teachers and nurses, for opposing Tory austerity cuts to public services. Despite now earning £75,000 a year as an MP, he claimed workers in our schools and NHS were “lost in their own fantasy land”, “can’t see how good they’ve got it” and should quit if they don’t think they are paid enough.

If that wasn’t enough, even more blog posts have now come to light – revealing that he also thinks “police brutality should be encouraged” and “Scottish people should not be trusted with big jobs”. My SNP colleague Neil Gray, our social justice spokesman, has called on Theresa May to sack him. And rightly so. Bradley’s attacks on low-income families, and our dedicated public service workers, are deeply offensive and make him unfit for office.

The comments are all the more insulting given that it’s the Tory Government’s own policies that have made millions of low-income families poorer and worse off – with falling wages, an unfair public sector pay cap, cuts to social security and the longest period of falling living standards since records began.

In Tory Britain, the majority of families have suffered from stagnant wages, while those at the bottom have been forced to rely on food banks and payday loans as a result of the UK Government’s devastating cuts to support. The Tories rightly called for Labour MP Jared O’Mara to be suspended over his offensive blog posts. It would be hypocrisy of the highest order if they now fail to act themselves.

May’s failure to act on her own vice-chairman is no doubt partly because her position is weak. But the bigger issue for the Tories is that Bradley’s views are only slightly more extreme versions of ones that are widely held across the party.

This right-wing Tory dogma is the exact reason they keep dismissing the SNP’s calls to deliver a real living wage, to lift the public sector pay cap and end social security cuts. May once criticised the Tories for their “nasty party” reputation. Well, now she is responsible for it.



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