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Campbeltown Picture House Cultural Hub – vote now in the Aviva Community Fund

Campbeltown is one of the most remote towns in Scotland and has been rated as one of the fragile small towns in Scotland. The Picture House has been for decades the town’s only regular, week-on-week, source of culture and entertainment. Its restoration and reopening will be a major landmark in the gradual regeneration of the town, The restored Picture House will become a vibrant centre for film. It will focus especially on children and young people, families, and older people to offer a wide range of experiences and opportunities for participation.

The Picture House is one of the first purpose built cinemas in Scotland, opening in 1913 at a boom time for one of Scotland’s most remote towns on the beautiful but isolated Kintyre peninsula. The Grade-A listed building is unique and survives today as a rare space, largely unaltered from the 1935 re-modelling. Over the years since the Picture House was originally built Campbeltown has suffered a severe economic downturn, but now a significant programme of renewal is under way.

The Picture House itself is undergoing a £3.5m refit, and soon this magnificent building will open its doors to the cinema goers again. The Picture House will become a key cultural, entertainment and social focus for Campbeltown and Kintyre, working with all sections of the community, from schools to cinema audiences to people with a diverse range of interests. The Campbeltown community will have a vital resource, accessible to everyone and which enhances the attractiveness of Kintyre as a place to live, work and visit.

The project:
CPH needs audio visual equipment to assist with live stage performances. In the past The Picture House was used as a venue for the Mull of Kintyre Music Festival, now in its 25th year. The use of our venue will greatly increase their opportunity to attract big names in future years. Prior to the start of the restoration Mull Theatre brought their touring production to CPH, which was hugely successful, and we plan to hold more events like this upon reopening.
Scottish Opera also have touring groups; we have plans for a collaboration with Glasgow Film Festival, as well as special events including our own Film Festival in April. These would require specialist equipment to enable film Q&A’s, master classes as well as live music and event cinema. None of these things are currently accessible to the local population.


Campbeltown Picture House Cultural Hub – vote for us now in the Aviva Community Fund

Source: Campbeltown Picture House Cultural Hub – vote for us now in the Aviva Community Fund

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