Last Footsteps Of Home. Based On The True Story Of Kate McPherson

Last Footsteps of Home from Robert Aitken on Vimeo.

Last Footsteps of Home is a haunting short film inspired by the true story of Kate McPherson, a courageous young Scots woman, who is forced to leave her family home during the turbulent Highland Clearances in 1813 and board an emigrant ship bound for the New World.

It is a story close to the heart of the film’s creator, Robert Aitken, who was born and brought up in Sutherland, a north Scots Highland county ravaged by the Clearances which saw farming tenants brutally evicted from their homes. As Robert explains, “we follow our highland heroine through her own emotional turmoil at the precise point when she is leaving her home, her way of life and her country as we quite literally follow in her Last Footsteps of Home.”

“This new short film is a tribute to all the many other people who, as a result of the Highland Clearances, were forced to leave their homeland and to make new lives overseas.”
JAMES HUNTER – Writer of A Dance Called America’ & ‘Scottish Exodus

“It’s everything I imagined and more. The music sounds like the North Sea itself!”
HEATHER MACLEOD – Scottish Interior Life

“Last Footsteps of Home is a universal story of leaving, loss and bravery that will touch your heart and soul. We can all learn something from Katherine’s intrepid journey into the unknown. The film poses many affecting questions about human nature and humanity – an experience not to be missed!”
JACQUIE AITKEN – Film Researcher

“Kate McPherson is a forgotten public heroine here in Canada. This new film shines a light on this intrepid soul. She was among the best and brightest of the Selkirk Settlers and her descendants live here to this day.”
ALEXANDRA PAUL – Reporter with Winnipeg Free Press

“It is a privilege to be involved in this project. It symbolises the determination of we as Scots in the quest for a better life.”
MOLLY O’BRIEN – Outlander Actress on BBC News

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Watch ‘Last Footsteps of Home Commentary Version’ by writer/director Robert Aitken:

Watch ‘Who Was Katherine MacPherson’ short documentary:

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