BBC Any Questions At Dunoon Burgh Hall 11th May

BBC Radio 4’s “Any Questions?” programme is a topical discussion in which a panel of personalities fron the words of politics, media and elsewhere are posed questions by the audience. On Friday 11th May, you can get the chance to participate as the programme will broadcast LIVE from Dunoon Burgh Hall.

​The “Any Questions?” team need questions from you to make the best programme possible – if you would like to submit a question, please pick up a Question card from the Burgh Hall prior to the event date (you must have an event ticket to do this, as you must be prepared to ask the question yourself on air).
Questions chosen regularly for inclusion in the programme touch on political, economic, social and moral issues of the day. As a nationwide broadcast, national or international issues are most likely to be chosen.

Participants should arrive from 6.45pm, and take their seats by 7.15pm “Any Questions?” will be live on BBC Radio 4 at 8.02pm. Please may note attendees may be included in any official photographs taken at the programme but please note that personal photography is not permitted.

Congratulations Jeremy Corbyn ~ Sean MacBride Peace Prize

Labour ‘committed’ to renewing Trident

Jeremy Corbyn responds following disagreement between shadow foreign and defence secretaries.

Source: Labour ‘committed’ to renewing Trident

I noticed on social media this morning people were complaining that while he had been awarded a peace prize, it hadn’t made the news, so I thought it only fair to congratulate him.

A lifetime campaigning for nuclear disarmament everywhere except Scotland!

The Labour leader was recognised for his “sustained and powerful political work for disarmament and peace.” His longtime work with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in the UK and the Stop the War Campaign was commended, as was his efforts for peace as a politician.

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Trident- What You Need To Know

Click here to visit the SNP Trident Information page

Scrap Trident

Sign the petition


How to disarm a nuclear bomb




The BBC has been forced to admit Andrew Neil used fake Tory statistics during the general election

The figure had originally been put forward by a spokesperson for the Scottish Conservatives, as being based on the 2009 Scottish Survey for Literacy and Numeracy. That survey, however, contained no reference to “functional illiteracy”, and no data which would have justified the claim in question.


Source: The BBC has been forced to admit Andrew Neil used fake Tory statistics during the general election [VIDEO] | The Canary