Calls To Hold Extremist Tory Councillor Redman to Account

SNP Councillors in Argyll & Bute call on Council Colleagues to Hold Extremist Tory Councillor Redman to Account

“Last year they had a list of “extremist” Conservative and Unionist Councillors that had been elected, and I was upset that I was not on it. Making the list this year has made me very happy indeed” – Argyll and Bute Tory Councillor Alastair Redman.

The SNP Group on Argyll and Bute Council today condemns the shocking and arrogant attitude of Kintyre & The Islands Tory Councillor – Alastair Redman, who, after featuring on the front page of a national newspaper for all the wrong reasons on Saturday, took to social media over the weekend to defend the indefensible that is racism, misogyny and far right extremism.

Commenting Leader of the SNP Group, Cllr Sandy Taylor said;

‘I appreciate that many of the electorate in North Kintyre and the Islands would have voted for Councillor Redman due to his conservative credentials, however, I feel sure that this support would not extend to his far right views. Yet again, the public must ask questions about the core values of the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party.

The people of Argyll and Bute deserve better. Councillor Redman must respect the fact that elected members have a duty to serve all their constituents, his divisive opinions and rhetoric have no place in politics.

The SNP Group now calls on all of Cllr Redman’s fellow councillors in the ruling coalition, The Argyll Lomond & the Isles Group (TALIG) to hold him accountable for his actions and to publicly condemn and distance themselves from his extremist views. Silence on this issue will only serve as acceptance”.