‘Facebook should be regulated like the BBC’, says SNP’s top MP

In the wake of the scandal surrounding Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, centred on the mass harvesting of personal data and the manipulation of voting, Brendan O’Hara, the SNP MP at the heart of the Westminster probe into fake news, said a radical shake-up of the internet was needed to protect the public from the “lawless Wild West” of social media.

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He added: “We have a situation where Facebook can no longer pretend to be this benign fun place where people stick up a photo of their dog and then get followed with a pet food advert as a sort of quid pro quo. There’s now a malicious situation. Facebook can no longer argue it is just a host site. They are publishers and there has to be legislation. We cannot have a Wild West approach…They have to be held responsible.”

FACEBOOK should be subjected to a strict regulation regime similar to that which covers broadcast media such as the BBC, according to one of the…

Source: ‘Facebook should be regulated like the BBC’, says SNP’s top MP