Calls To Hold Extremist Tory Councillor Redman to Account

SNP Councillors in Argyll & Bute call on Council Colleagues to Hold Extremist Tory Councillor Redman to Account

“Last year they had a list of “extremist” Conservative and Unionist Councillors that had been elected, and I was upset that I was not on it. Making the list this year has made me very happy indeed” – Argyll and Bute Tory Councillor Alastair Redman.

The SNP Group on Argyll and Bute Council today condemns the shocking and arrogant attitude of Kintyre & The Islands Tory Councillor – Alastair Redman, who, after featuring on the front page of a national newspaper for all the wrong reasons on Saturday, took to social media over the weekend to defend the indefensible that is racism, misogyny and far right extremism.

Commenting Leader of the SNP Group, Cllr Sandy Taylor said;

‘I appreciate that many of the electorate in North Kintyre and the Islands would have voted for Councillor Redman due to his conservative credentials, however, I feel sure that this support would not extend to his far right views. Yet again, the public must ask questions about the core values of the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party.

The people of Argyll and Bute deserve better. Councillor Redman must respect the fact that elected members have a duty to serve all their constituents, his divisive opinions and rhetoric have no place in politics.

The SNP Group now calls on all of Cllr Redman’s fellow councillors in the ruling coalition, The Argyll Lomond & the Isles Group (TALIG) to hold him accountable for his actions and to publicly condemn and distance themselves from his extremist views. Silence on this issue will only serve as acceptance”.

From 3 April Scotland’s new £96m devolved employment support schemes begin work.

How will the SNP Scottish Government use powers over employment support services?

In April 2017, new transitional employment support services, Work First Scotland and Work Able Scotland, were put in place ahead of the full roll-out next year. In the first six months, almost 3,500 people joined the new transitional employability services which support individuals with disabilities and health conditions.

Devolved, Powers, Sanctions
From 3 April Scotland’s new £96m devolved employment support schemes begin work.

An additional £20 million of funding for the services will ensure up to 4,800 disabled people and people with health conditions will receive help to get into work.

From April 2018 a new £96 million Fair Start Scotland will replace these temporary schemes, aiming to help at least 38,000 people find work. The scheme, like the transitional services, will be voluntary so participants will not face the threat of Tory benefit sanctions if they are using our services.


SNP Councillors In Argyll & Bute Call On HSCP Integration Joint Board To Abandon Plans For Damaging Healthcare Cuts

SNP Councillors In Argyll & Bute Call On HSCP Integration Joint Board To Abandon Plans For Damaging Healthcare Cuts.

Ahead of a meeting of the Integration Joint Board of the Health and Social Care Partnership scheduled to take place at Kilmory on Wednesday and following their group meeting on Monday, The SNP Group on Argyll and Bute Council has voiced strong opposition to the damaging and ill conceived cuts currently proposed for local healthcare services.

The eleven SNP Councillors, who together represent every ward in Argyll and Bute, are calling on the Integration Joint Board to consult with staff and communities, and put a stop to the proposals, which will decimate local jobs and frontline healthcare services. They are also urging the IJB to accept the offer of practical support and assistance from the Scottish Government, that is currently on the table.

Commenting SNP Group Leader Sandy Taylor said:

“In the new Integration Joint Board we all saw a real opportunity for the development of new heath and social care services in Argyll and Bute, improved through innovation, transformation and collaborative working. Instead we are now faced with an unsustainable and damaging reduction in service provision that will detrimentally affect every community in the area and hit the most vulnerable the hardest. The IJB should not lose sight of that initial ambition and must not proceed with current proposals. Any future service redesign should seek to fully involve the staff and communities which the board was set up to serve”.

Special Members Event Featuring Jeane Freeman MSP

Argyll and Bute Constituency Association invites all members in the constituency and council area to a special members event featuring Jeane Freeman MSP.

Jeane is responsible for delivering the biggest set of new powers for the Scottish Parliament since Devolution.

Jeane Freeman, SNP, Members Meeting 4 Feb 2018
Members Meeting

Her political journey from special adviser to labour First Minister Jack McConnell to SNP MSP and Minister has been well documented, as is her direct no-nonsense style!
Now local members can meet Jeane, hear what the Scottish Government is doing to support those who need the most help, and question her about politics, benefits and a range of other subjects.
Jeane will then join us in discussing the achievements of the Scottish Government and how to argue a stronger case for independence – both topics that were asked for at the recent workshop in Inverarary.
Branch CA Delegates are notified of a brief monthly CA meeting at 12:30. As always all members are welcome to attend.

The meeting will be held on Sunday February 4th


Tarbert Templars Hall 1:30 PM

TALC Harbour Street PA29 6UD Tarbert, Argyll

CA Meeting at 12:30pm

Theresa May Should Sack Tory MP Ben Bradley


Ben Bradley, the newly appointed Tory vice-chairman, found himself in a spot of bother this past week as a series of right-wing blog posts he had written before becoming a MP resurfaced.

They are pretty damn shocking.

Rising star Ben Bradley, appointed to help the party appeal to young voters, made the comment in a now-deleted blog post. He has since apologised after being approached by BuzzFeed News.

Source: This New Tory Party Vice Chair Suggested Unemployed People Should Have Vasectomies

The shameful blogs include articles written in support of deep Tory cuts to tax credits and social security, where he said low-income families should have vasectomies to prevent them having children and said the UK would soon be “drowning in a vast sea of unemployed wasters”.

He also criticised our public sector workers, including teachers and nurses, for opposing Tory austerity cuts to public services. Despite now earning £75,000 a year as an MP, he claimed workers in our schools and NHS were “lost in their own fantasy land”, “can’t see how good they’ve got it” and should quit if they don’t think they are paid enough.

If that wasn’t enough, even more blog posts have now come to light – revealing that he also thinks “police brutality should be encouraged” and “Scottish people should not be trusted with big jobs”. My SNP colleague Neil Gray, our social justice spokesman, has called on Theresa May to sack him. And rightly so. Bradley’s attacks on low-income families, and our dedicated public service workers, are deeply offensive and make him unfit for office.

The comments are all the more insulting given that it’s the Tory Government’s own policies that have made millions of low-income families poorer and worse off – with falling wages, an unfair public sector pay cap, cuts to social security and the longest period of falling living standards since records began.

In Tory Britain, the majority of families have suffered from stagnant wages, while those at the bottom have been forced to rely on food banks and payday loans as a result of the UK Government’s devastating cuts to support. The Tories rightly called for Labour MP Jared O’Mara to be suspended over his offensive blog posts. It would be hypocrisy of the highest order if they now fail to act themselves.

May’s failure to act on her own vice-chairman is no doubt partly because her position is weak. But the bigger issue for the Tories is that Bradley’s views are only slightly more extreme versions of ones that are widely held across the party.

This right-wing Tory dogma is the exact reason they keep dismissing the SNP’s calls to deliver a real living wage, to lift the public sector pay cap and end social security cuts. May once criticised the Tories for their “nasty party” reputation. Well, now she is responsible for it.



SNP members “inspired and energised” by Mhairi Black MP Almost 200 SNP members from all across Argyll and Bute descended on Inveraray on Sunday to discuss how the party builds on the success the SN…


SNP ministers warn of emergency Brexit legislation

The 1998 Scotland Act makes it clear that unless powers are specifically reserved to Westminster, they should be exercised at Holyrood by default.

However the EU (Withdrawal) Bill would see all powers repatriated from the EU at Brexit going to Westminster, at least initially, even those in devolved areas.

The Scottish and Welsh governments say this is a “naked power grab”.

Full Story Here!

SNP ministers have threatened to rush emergency legislation through the Scottish Parliament if the UK government fails to overhaul its main Brexit…

Source: SNP ministers warn of emergency Brexit legislation

Michael Russell: Why the SNP will fight to keep UK in EU Single Market

David Davis wants a ‘Canada-plus’ deal, but that won’t be good enough, writes Scotland’s Brexit Minister, Michael Russell

Source: Michael Russell: Why the SNP will fight to keep UK in EU Single Market

Save Our Banks

By 23/12/17

Communities across Scotland, particular in our rural areas, are rightly concerned about the impact the decision by RBS to close branches, including in some cases the last branch in the community, will have on local businesses, employees, the elderly and vulnerable and all those who need access to banking services.

I know that more and more of us do our banking on the internet or by phone but that simply isn’t an option for everyone. RBS and the banking industry need to think again.

Many older or vulnerable members of our communities rely on branches to conduct their banking, and while banks have a duty to support people to transfer to mobile or online banking, for many that simply won’t be something they feel safe or comfortable doing.

Equally mobile and online banking doesn’t solve the problems of businesses, many of whom in rural communities will still take cash and who without local branches will now have to take significant time out of their working day to travel to the remaining branches to deposit their takings or to speak to someone if they need face to face for business advice.

Since the decision by RBS was announced the Scottish Government has stood side by side with the communities and employees affected. We have called on the UK Government as the government responsible for banking, and as part owners of RBS, to step up to the plate. We have asked them to establish and enforce a guaranteed minimum level of service provision for essential banking services, recognising the importance of continued access to banking for towns and communities across Scotland.

It was deeply disappointing this week to hear the Prime Minister continue to brush off my Westminster colleagues requests for the government to step in with party political attacks when she should have been standing up for the public interest.

The Scottish Government will continue to do everything it can to support affected staff and to identify solutions that will preserve access to essential banking services for customers and communities throughout the country but ultimately it is only the UK government that can act to stop these branch closures and that’s why campaigns like the Press and Journal’s campaign to Save our Banks are essential to add to the pressure and to force RBS and the UK government to provide a better service to rural Scotland.


Scottish Rural Action launch survey on rural RBS branch closures.


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