Saturday 5th of May 2018

Did you attend the huge Pro-independence march on Saturday? If you were there, please share your photos on our Facebook Page.

What an incredible day!

Check out this Time Lapse!

A tiny sample of some of the thousands of  photos and videos online below;

111 Devolved Powers Now At Risk From A Tory Power Grab

SCOTLAND’S 13 Tory MPs chose pleasing Theresa May over standing up for their constituents in the Commons last night, when they voted for Whitehall’s “naked power grab” from Holyrood.

During the final stages of EU withdrawal Bill, the Tories refused to vote with all other Scottish MPs to back a Labour amendment which would have meant powers repatriated from Brussels after Brexit would have come to Scotland.

Instead they stood by the Bill’s controversial Clause 11, which means all powers repatriated from the EU go straight to London – even if they are in devolved areas. This was despite concerns from party colleagues in Holyrood.

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Tories under fire for failure to back devolution amendment to EU Withdrawal Bill

THE SNP HAS accused Scottish Tory MPs of an “abdication of duty” to protect the devolution settlement after a Commons vote on a Labour and SNP backed amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill.

Scottish Conservative MPs have voted against an amendment to Clause 11 of the EU withdrawal bill which protected the devolution settlement.

The amendment aimed to stop the EU Withdrawal Bill so that it could be changed to ensure EU powers over devolved competencies in areas as fisheries and farming would transfer directly to Scottish Parliament.

The bill was opposed by both the Scottish and Welsh governments.

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Michael Russell: Brexiteers want to turn Scotland back into North Britain

LIKE everything else in Brexit, the effect of leaving the EU on some of Scotland’s most iconic — and successful — products was never even…

Source: Michael Russell: Brexiteers want to turn Scotland back into North Britain

That is deliberate policy from some Brexiteers. In fact they want to turn the clock back to the 19th-century, when Scotland was known by some only as “North Britain”.

But in addition its hard to get the UK Tory Government to listen to any of Scotland’s concerns at this crucial time. Theresa May isn’t interested in what happens north of the Border and does her best to ignore us.